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Jobs at ODVA

Jobs at ODVA

The OK Department of Veterans Affairs provides a wide array of benefits for full-time staff along with competitive salaries.

With the exception of department head positions and the medical or nursing positions below, the majority of jobs with the ODVA are subject to the Merit System of Personnel Administration Rules in regards to the recruitment and hiring process.  Click on the link below to the State of Oklahoma’s OKJobs website for other current ODVA job openings.  New users will need to register online in order to apply for those positions or follow the application instructions for each job posted. 

Current ODVA Job Openings


Continuous Openings

Veterans Centers are accepting applications/resumes for:

           Physician (MD or DO)

Physicians Assistant (PA)

Advance Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

Long Term Care Certified Nurse Aide (LTCA-CNA)

Certified Medication Aide (CMA)

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Registered Nurse (RN)  

Housekeeping/Custodial Worker I

Linen & Clothing Specialist I (Laundry Worker)

Food Service Specialist I

Various Part-Time Temporary positions

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)  and License Practical Nurse (LPN) positions at Ardmore, Claremore, Lawton, Norman, Sulphur, and Talihina Veterans Centers are hired as contract staff by the GALT FOUNDATION (a staffing service).  LTCA-CNA’s with less than one year experience $14 Hour / LTCA-CNA with one year or more experience $15 Hour.  LPN’s with less than one year experience $19 hour / LPN’s with one year or more experience $20 hour.  Please submit resumes to or or contact the facility HR Manager for more information.

Applicants may apply directly at the facility of choice or contact the HR Manager at the Center to inquire about vacancies and make application.

    Ardmore – Margaret Cook, HR Programs Administrator
    Claremore – Dana Campbell, HR Programs Manager
    Clinton – Karen Richardson, HR Programs Manager
    Lawton/Ft. Sill – Carrie Crow, HR Programs Manager
    Norman – Amanda Lomonaco, HR Programs Administrator
    Sulphur – Jaime Day, HR Programs Manager
    Talihina – Sharon Capsey, HR Programs Manager

Pharmacy Department

We strive to provide the highest quality of pharmaceutical services for patients of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. Each center pharmacy is staffed with at least one full-time registered pharmacist as well as non-professional personnel. Our pharmacies are operated in accordance with ethical and professional practices, federal and Oklahoma laws and regulations, and JCAHO standards for Long Term Care.

Laboratory and X-Ray

The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs provides a full complement of laboratory and X-Ray services to its residents. The laboratories are Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified and staffed with skilled technologists and technicians, providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nursing and Rehabilitation

The Nursing Department gives 24 hour care to residing Oklahoma veterans in all phases of health, ambulatory, intermediate, and total skilled nursing care. Nursing services provide for patients to receive all prescribed treatments and medications including care for patients with chronic respiratory problems. Rehabilitative/restorative and supportive nursing care is an integral part of nursing care and is directed toward measures to prevent deterioration and to achieve and maintain optimal levels of functioning and independence.

Education and Recreation

Education and Recreation plays a vital part in the care planning of all patients in the veterans centers throughout the state of Oklahoma. Although very little formal education is provided, there are occasions where patients are assisted in receiving their GED and some college hours. The primary focus is on recreation. It is imperative that each patient be given the opportunity to participate in the recreational activities offered by the center. Each facility offers various field trips depending on the location of the facility. Routinely, they all offer such activities as bingo, domino and pool tournaments, coffee socials, shopping trips, various parties with refreshments and often prizes, playing cards, puzzles, reading, and television. These are by no means the only forms of recreation provided, but just a few of the more popular activities. There are many special activities provided that are seasonal in nature.

Building and Maintenance

Personnel within the Maintenance Department are professional tradesmen in the areas of carpentry, plumbing, mechanical repair, air conditioning and heating, painting, and electrical. With the available expertise in the Maintenance Department at each center, virtually all preventative maintenance and minor repairs can be performed expeditiously and at minimal expense. This same expertise is a valuable asset when necessary in order to assist in the development of major construction and repairs.

Food Service

The Food Service Department is primarily responsible for the nutritional care of our patients. To accomplish this goal, the department employees are consulting registered dietitians who assess, plan, and evaluate the nutritional needs of our patients.  We also employee full-time dietetic technicians, who provide daily nutritional assessments of our patients. Patients in need of a special diet are provided instruction and continuing education throughout their stay. Each food service department adheres to strict regulations by the Oklahoma State Health Department and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Domestic Services

The intent of this department is to provide a clean atmosphere and environment for patients, staff, and visitors. To meet this objective, we provide environmental sanitation, which prevents the spread of micro-organisms. We contribute to good health through the proper disposal of trash, garbage, etc. To increase the patients' feeling of well being, we provide pleasant, attractive surroundings. A good Domestic Services program is built on three basic requisites, and we pride ourselves by having these qualities:

  •     Good personnel
  •     Adequate equipment
  •     Modern cleaning products and procedures

This agency does not accept transfers from other state agencies. New employees in the classified service must serve a one-year probationary period. For more information please call the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resources at 405-521-3686.

Veterans Preference

In establishing employment lists of eligible persons for competitive and noncompetitive appointment, certain preferences shall be allowed for veterans honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States [74:840-4.14(A)].

1.  Five points shall be added to the final grade of any person who has passed the examination and has submitted proof of having status as a:

      A. veteran [74:840-4.14(A)(1)]; or

      B. unremarried surviving spouse of a veteran [74:840-4.14(A)(1)]; or

      C. spouse of a veteran who is unemployable due to a service-connected disability as certified by the Veterans Administration or agency of the Defense Department within six (6) months of the date of application [74:840-4.14(A)(2)].

2.  Ten points shall be added to the final grade of any war veteran as defined in Section 67.13a of  Title 72 of the Oklahoma Statutes who has passed the examination and has submitted proof of having a service-connected disability as certified by the Veterans Administration or Agency of the Defense Department within six (6) months of date of application [74:840-4.14(A)(3)].

3.  In addition to the 10 points preference provided in (2) of this subsection, such eligible war veterans who are in receipt of benefits payable at the rate of 30% or more because of the service-connected disability, shall be considered Absolute Preference Veterans. Their names shall be placed at the top of the register, ranked in order of their examination scores. Absolute Preference Veterans shall not be denied employment and passed over for others without showing cause. [74:840-4.14(A)(3)]

Direct Hire Authority 260:25-9-111 and 25-9-112 [74:840-4.13(C)].  Applicants for LPN, RN, and Nurse Manager positions may apply directly to the veterans centers.

Special Disabled Veterans 260:25-9-100  Veterans with 30% or more service-connected disability may be hired directly at this agency, in accordance with the “Persons with Severe Disabilities Program”, [74:840-1.15] and Senate Bill 200. This program provides exemption from entrance exams and other hiring procedures.  A one-year probationary period applies.

Noncompetitive Appointments 260:25-9-95  Appointing Authorities who have classes of positions of unskilled or semi-skilled labor, or similar classes designated by the Administrator as noncompetitive, may appoint qualified veterans or non-veterans in accordance with 260:25-9-71 and 260:25-9-92.